Monday, August 15, 2011

Bedroom inspiration #1

Been doing some research about house designs for the past weeks because dad said that our old house go under a MAJOR makeover. they will destroy the house down and build a new one. This makes me excited and  sad at the same time, coz I've been living at this house since birth and i have so many memories here..but we have to move on coz the house is too old already and its not safe to live here anymore, maybe a simple earthquake(knock-on-wood) can bring our house down..

My dad and younger brother are the one in-charge with the house design, my younger brother is an architecture student so he knows So here i am doing my own research,finding inspirations for my OWN ROOM! yes, you read it own freakin room! and i sooooo excited! so here are some of the photos that i kinda wanna replicate. Trust me, up until now i still don't know what i want.

i love this bed! its FINAL i will have a bed like this! i want drawers under my bed so i can put some stuff there! i need to save as much space as i can.

a large window for me is A-MUST (already told dad and lil' brother)

uhm.. will i go with the natural wood color? 

shelving above the bed and beside the cabinets.. 

and this! i know i'm aiming for minimal-clean-sophisticated kinda look of room, but my love for clothes and what-not never leaves me, this room is like a store but i am sleeping at the middle of it! hahaha~

hopefully i can make up my mid and know what i really want..but for now i will be posting pictures of what inspires me for my room :)

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