Thursday, February 26, 2015


If you're reading this and know personally you would know that during college days i flank my Lettering subject. No, i don't blame my professor... well, yeah i kinda blame him also. hahahaha
So i can say i kinda sucks with lettering or calligraphy. But i don't know maybe because of all this lettering/calligraphy craze happening now here at the PH i joined the bandwagon recently.

Armed with only my pens and pentel pens ( i dont have any brush pen or any calligraphy pens as of now... but planning to buy like uhmm.... SOON!)

Here are some of my work ^^

Visit my IG Account  (kaiquiogs) for more of my so called "Lettering" hahahaha! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Slang it!

I can say we Filipino have the craziest words! that we can't even translate in english. 
Specially our Becky words or Gay-Slang its so fun to use even your not gay at all! even i use some gay slang that i learned from my gay friends from work. So here are some of Filipino words that are that unique and really funny.

Wasak - broken? (Wasak nanaman tayo lahat kagabi!)

Yakapsul - a medicine made of a hug... yeah yeah.. hahaha
(Isang malaking Yakapsul lang ang kailangan mo!)

and their you go! will make more of this.. its really fun!

bye for now!

love lots,

Thursday, October 9, 2014

couples in love

Always and forever will love attending weddings from my friends and relatives. I always dream of my own wedding but well sad to say until now i still don't know who will be my groom hahaha! But
i'm always happy attending one. This year my friend Rona finally marries his long long longgg time boyfriend Will last June 14, but during that time im still not into lettering.

So this is my late gift for Rona and Will.

The second one is going to be my future project for my friend Dianne or what her family calls her Maane :) They already loved my initial artwork/lettering.  Dianne told me their theme is more of a Garden wedding so they want it raw and green! hahaha im actually excited for this project and the best part Nef (the future-hubby) love it already! yay for me!

i really wish to work or to create something for weddings ;) 

wish you can book me guys! i mean contact me!

love lots,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Pretty Letters

I'm into lettering nowadays even i have this bad memories from my Lettering subject way back from college! hahaha (ehem failed ehem). I love the fact that there are growing numbers of local calligraphy/lettering artist here and i'm amaze with their talents! from really young to yuppies to a mom! creating pretty lettering really doesn't require a certain age! and here i am a newbie.. well not really but i dont have a really pretty penmanship hahaha! 

hope you like my simple creations (yes you.. thanks for reading my entry ^_^)

 My 1st attempt.. hahaha what do you think? :) and do you agree that Happy girls are the prettiest?

then i added some flowers and leaves to make it more girly! hahaha

will post more soon!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

DIY inspiration : Shredded Denim | Ripped Jeans

Posting this for my future reference, just looking for the perfect jeans to "destroy" hahahaha! 

Photos from | Pinterest

Simple Chic Flower Arrangement

I decided to buy some flowers today
so i went to our local flower shop to buy some flowers

Mason Jars gives you this vintage feels!

Materials :  Assorted Flowers 
                  Mason Jars
                  Coffee Mug
                  Craft Scissors
                  Craft Tape (for the grid)

I just arranged the flowers in a simple way, i'm a newbie when it comes to flower arrangement and looking forward to make really nice arrangements.Just make sure that no leaves will get into the water to try to take the unnecessary leaves out before putting into the jar with water. its your choice if you want to use water or a floral foam. just make sure to change the water like maybe every 2 days :)