Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beach no.2 for 2012

im so HAPPY WITH MY POST! and lovin the title too! BEACH NO.2 FOR 2012!
Thank GOD for this trip!
Hello there Mr.Sun and Mr.Ocean we meet again! <3

a super impromptu trip to Lemery, Batangas with my friends last April 5-6, 2012
we just packed our bags.start the "Holy Car" (fyi the previous owner of my car is a priest.. go figure~).
and drive we go!!!!

Me and my friends are not really super looking for a white sand at that moment.. we just want to hit the beach! see some pure sky..sands...water... and a clean beach is a super important to us, and because we're on a budget trip. Lemery Batangas is a good place for us ;)

and island hopping ;)

and the best part of this we only spend like less than 3,000 pesos..
Transpo and Food -FREE c/o me
Boat Ride - 1500  pesos (includes snorkeling gadgets and the island hopping) 
Resort Entrance fee - 150-200 pesos each
Cottage - 600 pesos 
not bad... hahahaha
we will definitely going to  do this again!

now more photos


Wishin' for Beach no. 3 for 2012 

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