Friday, June 1, 2012

Beach no.3 for 2012

i didn't expected to have another beach escapade no.3 for my Summer 2012!
this is GREATTTTT! 

so this time im with my work peeps..YEY! for the first time i think we are complete..well ALMOST complete, all the way from Manila we all rode a bus going to Batangas Pier from there we rode a boat going to 
PUERTO GALLERA! Yep, i know.. i know people will say.. " ang corny Puerto lang... poor!" e kung upakan kaya kita! hahaha! kiddin! nope.. really i just want a decent beach thats all! cause as of now... im still planning my Boracay trip.. and my body need to be VAVAVOOM! FOR THAT! hahaha!

so here is a photo diary of that trip ;)

this is where we stayed. i can say that during the "peak season" when were there, its pretty i mean its not too crowded! 
this is our "beach front" see its really not that crowded! ;)
and you can see the name where we stayed is Beach Front! hahaha
the lovely people im with that day.. this is like 1/4 of the team.. sorry coz im too lazy to take photos that day, i dont have pictures of them T_T mianhe~

and my summer beach trip is not complete without  some henna tat!

and now im happy to end my Summer 2012!
but more more beach for 2012 and more more trips! 

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