Thursday, October 9, 2014

couples in love

Always and forever will love attending weddings from my friends and relatives. I always dream of my own wedding but well sad to say until now i still don't know who will be my groom hahaha! But
i'm always happy attending one. This year my friend Rona finally marries his long long longgg time boyfriend Will last June 14, but during that time im still not into lettering.

So this is my late gift for Rona and Will.

The second one is going to be my future project for my friend Dianne or what her family calls her Maane :) They already loved my initial artwork/lettering.  Dianne told me their theme is more of a Garden wedding so they want it raw and green! hahaha im actually excited for this project and the best part Nef (the future-hubby) love it already! yay for me!

i really wish to work or to create something for weddings ;) 

wish you can book me guys! i mean contact me!

love lots,

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