Monday, October 6, 2014

Pretty Letters

I'm into lettering nowadays even i have this bad memories from my Lettering subject way back from college! hahaha (ehem failed ehem). I love the fact that there are growing numbers of local calligraphy/lettering artist here and i'm amaze with their talents! from really young to yuppies to a mom! creating pretty lettering really doesn't require a certain age! and here i am a newbie.. well not really but i dont have a really pretty penmanship hahaha! 

hope you like my simple creations (yes you.. thanks for reading my entry ^_^)

 My 1st attempt.. hahaha what do you think? :) and do you agree that Happy girls are the prettiest?

then i added some flowers and leaves to make it more girly! hahaha

will post more soon!

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