Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lucban,Quezon : Food for my hungry tummy :)

I've been living in Manila for about 8 years or so already, everyone knows that living in the metro can be stressful it can be caused by work,people or even the environment (which we all know Manila is one hell of a polluted city) So every time  i visit my hometown in Laguna, my dad make sure we go somewhere... i always suggest to them that PLEASEEEE not to go to a mall! because 1.) i might end up buying stuff not i dont really need 2.) i'm saving up money! 3.) there are lots of people there 4.) i freakin' work at a mall! so there.. i pretty much wanted to go to a province :)

One of my favorite nearby province near our hometown is in Lucban,Quezon 
the place is rich in history, the air is clean (and cool! yay~) and friendly people.

During their famous festival "PAHIYAS" The city is filled with colorful veggies and fruits, with their famous kinda-like chandelier made of rice called 'kiping' 

This what kiping looks like

pretty colorful right?.. and you know this chandelier is EDIBLE oh yes! You read it right! so if one night your too hungry and this chandelier is just right above your head.. go! eat it! hahaha~

One more thing that our family love about Lucban is their FOOD! yummmeeeee~
in Lucban there is this famous resto that there are times you have to wait in a very long line for you to enter or order their food.what am i talking about? its BUDDY's

"Dito Parang Laging Fiesta" TRUE THAT!!!! 

Everytime i walked out their door i feel guilty because i ate too much and my tummy is gonna explode any minute..hahaha!

here are their menu,, well good luck if you can read it! hahaha


pancit lucban

the ooohh soo sinful sisig

Forgive me for the lack of  food photos.. coz we always end up eating everything once it is served in front of us.. hahaha! 

i highly recommend Buddy's
  • Pancit Lucban or HabHab
  • Sisig
  • Laniera (pork with some veggies in pan then steamed it)
  • Buddin' (a sticky rice with cheese on top! best to be eaten while its hot!)

There you go, my simple trip to Lucban..will post another blog entry about the place itself  :)

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