Saturday, August 27, 2011

Family is my life

This post is all about my family, i want the world to know how much i love them! 
tanggap nila ako for being me, for being KAI we are not the perfect family we have fights, may problem may misunderstanding pero i think that pretty normal for a family. i just love the way how my Nanay and Tatay raised us, me and my 2 younger brother are close to each other. yup until now they still give me a kiss in the cheek, hugs me and still do crazy stuff to me that they know really annoys me! but still i love my 2 brother!

so this is my family
see my twin towers?! hahaha

one of our family bonding is to go out and eat or just eat anywhere, kahit foodcourt pa yan or wherever! basta chibog, gora lang!

we also love to watch movies minus my mom coz she doesnt want to! pero kami ni tatay, kim and kilo go go go! (to bad i dont have photos here in the laptop im using my dad's lappy)

me and my 2 boys <3

me and my super pretty mother! <3
me and my funny and pogi dad! hahaha

so there you have it.. my FAMILY my LIFE <3

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