Sunday, August 21, 2011

There is this hot trend now that you'll be pilling up a bunch of bracelets or watches to your arm as many as you want, this is called a "Arm Party". Saw a lot of  lovely bloggers local and international sporting this trend :) For those who have no idea what im talking about this is how it look

this is from The Man Repeller

love the gold watch :) this one is from PrettyShinySparkly

and this two is from TheStylishHousewife i love the multi-chain bracelets

Before i'm not really into bracelets,watches or bangles. One bracelet in my right arm is fine with me but now the more the merrier hahaha~  You can mix anything under the sun you can even mix gold with silver or friendship bracelets :) 

if your not into the gold-silver thing here is a good example of stacking colorful bangles 
(photo from ldnshopaholic )

so there you go! I will try to post my own arm party :p

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