Monday, August 22, 2011

Jeremy Scott X Kpop

Honestly i don't know Jeremy Scott before, it just so happen that im into Kpop and i LOVE 2ne1 and that is the time i discovered about this quirky/unique/fun designer. He is not your ordinary designer for sure! he collaborate with Adidas and Swatch to name  few, and celebrities from Korea are so into his designs.. but his favorite korean artist is 2ne1 :)

Here are some of his design from his Fall 2011 Collection

i can totally imagine Park Bom wearing this one right?

a guy in a neon skinny with a pink boots! so MACHO~

love this mini dress:) and that orange hairy shoes..weird! but well its Jeremy Scott we're talking

this dress is simple and i like it ;)

CL can rock this one for sure! no doubt about it! 

And i want to own one of this :) but i don't know which one.. hmmmm.. its so hard to decide! ahahaha! if only i have the money i will get one of each! why not right?

Jeremy Scott X Addidas

Pretty colorful ha?

his famous winged shoes ;)

one from his latest collection Fall 2011 Adidas x Jeremy Scott  I think it was inspired by The Flintstones, pretty cool!

Lookin' forward for more creative designs from this very talented designer :)


illegalnails said...

WOW. you're just the same as me. I also LOVE KPOP, shoes, 2NE1 <3, and... everything kawaii xD but ;o i adore jeremy scot! he is the best designer in the world <3

Kaitleen said...

@illegalnails YUP his a genius! thanks for reading my blog :)