Monday, September 12, 2011

Korean Cafe: Noriter

This little cafe called "Noriter" is soooo adorbs! <3 its juts right infront of La Salle Taft I discovered this place because of a KPOP magazine (yes! me as a korean/kpop addict) and the 1st time i saw the place i feel like im in Korea! even i've never been to Korea.( but will go there soon^__^) or in a Korean drama.. its too cute! im such a sucker for anything cute!

love the tables <3 and that mini-tree in the middle! <3  FYI its a real plant! coolio~

Paper Cups... WALL filled with Paper Cups! they have cups and pens to doddle or create your own artwork!

well really nothing special about the sandwiches and cakes.. but im more of a fan or their drinks! (too bad i can`t find a photo from my laptop) i enjoyed the ambiance and the look of the cafe than the food! im too busy looking and taking photos of the stuff there :)

Mr & Mrs Bunny

the windows are filled with doodles and i find it too cute! anything inside this cafe is too cute for me!

see!see! isnn't this too korean?! low table...pillows.. hahaha and yeah vandalize it all the way baby~

Noriter Date no.1 with Cat and Kimi-chan :)

Noriter date NO.2 with the ADTRES Family <3

"Noriter No Exchange" - Papa Jeiboi

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