Sunday, September 18, 2011

a taste of online magazine :)

  I'm really into fashion for as long as i remember but sad to say my body type is not what a model from the glossy papers looks like, but that doesn't stop me to appreciate fashion :) and i'm fortunate enough that i'm working in the fashion industry since i graduated college! Thank God! now year 2011 you can download anything! and one of the things i'm thankful is you download foreign magazines for FREE!!! and my favorites are the fashion magazines from Japan and Korea! currently i got the latest from ViVi they have really fasyon and cute layout :)
Because Christmas is sooo near!!!  something with a touch of red is pretty much going to be the trend

PINK PINK PINK  Honey Suckle is the color for 2011 love it!

something Yellow (beacuse im from UST!) and it adds a sudden pop of color to your outfit :)

and i adore this set of  clothes!! i don't even know if i can pull it off but still... WHY NOT! :)

speaking of Japan one of the things that i love about that country besides Hello Kitty is their cellphones! its more stylish! very girly.. i dunno i just want to have one! again...

The Hot Pink got my vote!

saan ka pa?! Fashion x Cellphone! coolio~

Photos are from

can't wait to visit Japan and Korea!!!! in God's time! :)

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