Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sketch it up!

Its been a while since i draw again.. good thing I stumble into The Quiet Girl`s blog and I fell in love with her works! and I know watercolor is not my fave medium to use but there is something with watercolor that gives this a very soft and feminine touch.

here are some of her work

how i wish i can color and draw like her! love it! this is the girly side of me once again :)

so here i am TRYING HARD to sketch once again... and NO my artwork(if its consider as can`t compare to what Valerie Chua (QUIET GIRL) work. For the past few days all i do is just plain doodle..YES, childish, i know..i know but i love it! 

not yet done with this one.. 

during one of our meetings....
see?.. my work is no compare to her..but yeah love your own! <3

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