Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a box filled with.. OH SO YUMMY!

Early this month I ordered cupcakes from Dulciola  ;) and I super love the cupcakes Valerie is makin :) Their cupcakes are not that sweet so even my Lola enjoyed it! What is best about Dulciola is they can customize a cupcake for you! whatever flavor or toppings you want she can make it, and the best part she can name the cupcake after your name <3 Actually im already in the thinking what cupcake should i order next? and maybe she can call it Kai's Superb cupcake! hahaha Kiddin!

like i said before im not good with words so i'll just let you guys feast with my yummy photos :)

if you want to order you can contact Dulciola by Valeria @
check out her FB page here

or email her @

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