Thursday, December 1, 2011

December = Bonus!

I`ve been working for more than 3 years turning 4 this April 2012 and what is the best part of having a work and  the month of December arrive is the 13th Month pay! (besides CHRISTMAS!!!)  oh yeah! :) and for this year im planning to buy something really special for ME! Yes, for me because this maybe a simple things for you or you already have one ;) but i`m having a hard time what to get!

I'm planning to get this:

Fuji Instax 7s
even for the Instax i can`t choose between Pink and Plain white >_<

Iphone 3GS
Yep, not the Iphone 4 because in reality i can't afford that! hahaha and for this not gonna get a brand new unit but a 2nd hand! yeah thats how cheap or in a nice way practical i am :)

So what should i get?! 

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