Friday, December 9, 2011

Corporate wears are boring?! Na-ah~

People think Corporate Wear or Office Attire can be boring, We're all used to the black and white combination but now office wear can be FUN and colorful :)
So here are some of what i found that i think are really nice and fab corporate look~ 

 *add a POP of color to your attire*

This comfy look may not be applicable to everyone, i think depending on your office rules if they implement a strict corporate wear or they just want you to dress up (other than your usual shirt and jeans attire hahaha) but for me i love this look :)

and this is THE POLISH look i can imagine myself wearing this in New York. PUWAHAHAHA (a girl can dream right?)  or in Makati :p

and here are more photos i got that i think are really nice...

photos: from google + tumblr +

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