Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar who?....

This is the night when "Stars" walk at the red carpet. It's the 84th Annual Academy Awards in Holywood or as we all know "THE OSCARS" and here are some of the stars that caught my attention :) 

im not gonna do a BEST-WORST blog-thingy about their clothes coz' im not fashionista/critic/someone..hahaha

Lets start with the POWER COUPLE!
MR & MRS Smith. este Pitt rockin' the all black theme.. and Angelina Jolie, Y U SO WHITE? Y U SO THIN? @_@ 

Gwyneth Paltrow - is the cape part of the gown or nakapatong lang sya? uhmmm.. Still loves her
Gleen Close- this is power dressing!  and may i add for her age she's lookin' FINE!
J.LO- i think this is her signature look/dress.. uber low-let me show my boobies V-neck, but hey if i have that kinda body..why-not-chocnut!
Sandra Bullock- its ok but i think if the front part is not that flattering to her figure, but props for the backless chuchu~ criticmuch?~ hahaha

This are my faves ♥ ♥ ♥
Kristen Wigg - love love love the color! and its simple girly..not too much! 
Cameron Diaz- besides i adore her, love this tube gown coz' its plain at the top then the details are all at the bottom part :)
Kate Mara- this romantic pale pink gown is ♥ ♥ ♥.PERIOD
Natalie Portman- something FRESH at the red carpet... ITS POLKA DOTS baby!
hahaha! kiddin' LOVE both the gown.
the Plumies doing their walk at the red carpet! gow girls!! and @_@ Y ARE YOUR GOWNS SAME? right? ommo!!!

so that's it! my take about the Le Fasyon from the Oscars :)

all photos: Yahoo

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