Friday, June 8, 2012

We go organic : Ilog ni Maria

Our family is trying to be more Eco-Friendly, trying to buy and use Organic products:)
Dad discovered this place called "Ilog Maria" its a bee farm and their selling all organic products with organic honey..the bees wax.. anything from the bees!<3 They have a bath line (shampoo,soap,scrubs..etc.) and like vinegar (from honey?! ok.) some candles, and our fave PURE HONEY baby!!

im just too scared to get near! ._.
                                                              well all of the products here are made from anything "Bee-related"                                                                                                                     


i love the soap! its smell really nice..buong araw amoy FRESH! hahaha 

you can get their products online!

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bloggerprofile said...

Have you tried Human Nature products? ( How would you compare them to Ilog ni Maria products?