Sunday, November 25, 2012

His name is JS


Jeremy Scott

For his RTW collection i can say it more "wearable" hahaha no more crazy colors and prints! but yeah CRAZY is what Jeremy Scott is! hahaha and to be honest I discovered JS because of her muses.. lol 2ne1,and with his latest collection I chose some items that i think can be perfect with the girls :)

This one is for Dara I like her is a dress :) well minus the black veil but i like thigh high boots! 

 This one is for BOM i think she need to show her flat tummy! hahaha~

 For the Maknae, Minzy.. i know she can pull this off! or she can alter it to a more femine 
(tbh i dont want minzy it uber short skirts!  lol) 

 I chose this dress for CL because this dress is kinda Tough/Rough and sexy right?

 and the main man! the CRAY CRAY JEREMY SCOTT! 


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