Monday, November 26, 2012

Smooth voice~

LEE HI (이하이) - M/V

my new fave artist from YG Family!

Lee Hi, i really like her voice YG call it as "Retro Soul" and i agree with it she is kinda like Amy Winehouse and she is young and but i kinda find her at the MV a bit weird.. i dont know if weird is the right word lol. her expression or her eyes at the MV is like blank. :)) i remember Park Bom during her early MVs too, but its ok there is still lot of room for improvement.. hahaha

and no doubt if your under YG Ent. for sure your fashion/clothes is going to be too AWESOME! lol yes im bias! hahaha looking forward for more Lee Hi :)

cr: YG Ent. / google

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