Friday, November 22, 2013

#KaiShouldSeeTheWorld Part1

How ironic my blog name is "Anything in my world" but for real i wanna see the WORLD! a.k.a I WANT TO TRAVEL AND SEE THE WORLD! but i don't know how?! we all know money matters everytime you want to travel, but i see alot of people travelling with just a small amount of money (I NEED TO TALK TO YOU GUYS). 
So far i've been out of the country once YES... ONCE! and that was in Singapore i visited my bestfriend Malen (which by the way also have this amazeball blog >>> lunameetsworld she blogs mostly about her life, beauty products and her VLOG so try to visit her site) and i went to the airport ALONE, yup my first ever out of the country and i went to the airport, check-in my luggage and need to pass the immigration alone... the horror! but its all good! so i can scratch Singapore in my list, but will always always want to go back there :)

Here are my "Where-to-go" list: (i know this is not my final list but this are the places that is at the top of my head for now)


I want to see all that Golden Temples :) all their temples!

and experience their Floating Market . For sure there are more to see at Thailand, like i want to ride an elephant (just wish he can lift me hahaha) and go to the old places where Tomb Raiser shoot their movie, actually im not even sure if ther shoot it at Thailand! hahahaha and i want to go to thailand to meet MARIO MAURER <3 p="">

2. Japan

Really who doesn't want to go to Japan?! tell me? i think in everybody's travels list Japan is always there! 
its the land where East meets West (ok not also sure about whatever im saying so please im saying sorry in advance) Why Japan? you can have a taste of both old and new, their tradition and technology... *hands down* and also its the ANIME LAND! duh?! KAWAII LAND! (hell yeahhhh!) and FASHION?! should i explain more? :)

too beautiful a man needs to see this himself

 Kawaii kiddos :) you cant argue with that!

 Cherry Blossoms! i don't need to explain why? hahahaha

SHIBUYA CROSSING O____o need to experience this!

and to add to my "why Japan?" JPOP!Jdorama! ARASHI?!! Oguri Shun and Haruma Miura to name a few ^___^

all japan photos credit to the lovely : Tricia Gosingtian

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