Friday, January 3, 2014

Something for my 2014 :)


2014 should be amazing! I will MAKE this 2014 a YEAR with a BANG!
so here are some (yes some..) of my New Years Resolution... (like always..hahaha)

Hope i can make it happen!

and this 2014 i will start this special project: 52 Week Money Challenge!

You only need a JAR (the grown up piggy bank) then you need to print out this template, then every week you will just cross it out :)
you can check her blog because there she also posted a denomination of 5's 10's 20's  so its your choice what denomination you want! Then just think of it by the end of the year you will have enough money to buy or to have a trip you want :) to go ahead and try it!

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