Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beach no.1 for 2012

Hooray! for my 1st beach trip for 2012!
and i'm prayin this won't be the last, because last 2011 i never set foot on a beach.. i think~


and WATERRRRRRRRRRRRRR <3 (well sea water :p)

Me, Mother dear and Popsie (minus my 2 bros..exam week) with the Balikbayans went to Laiya, San Juan Batangas at the Kabayan Beach Resort to be honest the resort is not that nice at all.. BUT who cares?! as long there is the SUN,SAND and the SEA! SOLVE!

My fave activity for that day is SNORKELING! and because i love it so much i went to dive..well snorkeling TWICE! HAHAHA! (one of the main reason for my current "litson-lutong" color

1st batch- THE YOUNG ONES!
the first trip is such a MAJOR EPIC FAIL! hahaha i did bring my digicam, not my SLR at the boat coz' im scared that it might get wet but stupid digicam. At first its in full battery then when were about to take photos... *dies* whaaaa! BATTERY EMPTY! 
(sorry my dear cousins,no pics of us together :( oh well..

2nd batch- THE OLDIES with some YOUNG ONES! :))
for this 2nd trip i gathered all my courage to bring my SLR out in the sea.. OH YEAH! just for the sake of having a good photo! (a true pinoy!)  my Tita's had fun! yay! it's really hard to convince them to go into the water and to see the fishes, but thank God "some" of them are brave enough to dive in! hahaha 

too bad i don't have photos underwater for you guys (guys?! someone is reading my blog? hahaha dream on!) to see the fishes and corals. I know its not THE BEST "snorkeling area" but it still ITS AWEMAZING! >>>> awesome + amazing hahaha!

look how happy we are! (my mom,titas and cousins doing THE JUMP SHOT) hahaha

prayin' this won't be the last...

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