Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's in my bag? #tagged

so le bestfriend Malen posted a "What's in my bag" today and coz im bored this evening
i'm posting my first ever "BAG-ATTACK" (lame title..lulz)

Currently using this bag from GAP. Thanks momsie! 

1.My Kikay Kit ;p
2.Company I.D never leaves home without it :))
3.A very worn out wallet! a gift from a friend (yup NO MONEY ALSO)
4.Hello Kitty Card Holder
5.Watermelon KeyHolder/coin purse
6.Belle de Jour Planner (my personal scheds are all here)
7.Tech-purse coz all my chargers and earphone are here
8.Wide tooth comb
9.RED whistle from my dad (for emergency daw..)
10.Suave Lotion
11.Baby wipes 
13.Mentos! i always have mints inside my bag!
14.Parisian Planner (my work scheds and meetings are here) yup im trying to have a separate planner for my work and personal time.. LOL
15.SM notebook, notes.doodles.whatever.hahaha
16.Clinique Happy from momsie
17.Sunnies (minsan wala.. haha)

yup so.. there you go.. but most of the time i have MOREEEE! like magazines or my laptop.haha but this is one that i posted is pretty much the "normal" everyday bag.

if you read this... go ahead post a "What's in my bag?" 

hey Diane can't wait to read your post! lol ;))

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